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To collect the easiest passive income ever, marketing affiliates for Parlay Vacay need only talk about Parlay Vacay and our language vacations concept and share our marketing materials through their social networks.

Anyone can be an affiliate marketer.  As an affiliate marketer, you will create and register your own unique (but easy to remember) codes to give to clients to use when they register for our course and pay tuition.  How can you be sure clients will use your code when they register?  The code provides them with perks like cash rebates and/or a spot when spots are limited, so why wouldn’t they use it?

You can also tell us which customers are yours, but this is how we automatically trace your good work for us.  Either way, we WANT to pay for referrals! Why? It’s actually a better way for us to spend advertising dollars. Referral codes on the registration forms we receive mean your influence is bringing clients to experience Parlay Vacay, and we want you to keep up the good work.

Those unique codes are how we know who’s responsible for referrals even if you don’t remember ever talking to that person or even if you never talked to that person because anyone can share YOUR code with anyone else.    Our marketing affiliates are a very important and powerful part of our marketing efforts who save us a lot of money in advertising, so we want to thank and encourage them to keep sharing the benefits of Parlay Vacay.  It’s a win-win partnership.

Example: You create and register your unique code “GoForIt,” which, if used by customers when they register, will trace all of your referrals back to you.  You can ask customers to use it to receive preferential placement in courses because there is a limited amount of space (groups are limited to 12 participants). Then you can create and register another code that you can provide for customers to offer them a customer rebate and offer that to customers when you wish.

After you find out what your commission is for a particular course tuition, you determine how much, if any, of your commission you want to use to incentivize your referrals as a tuition rebate.  If the total tuition commission for a course is is $400, the customer rebate in the case of GoForIt200 would be $200 and your remaining commission would be $200.  GoForit50, 100GoForIt, etc. are other examples like the codes you could create, rewarding the customer with 50 and 100 rebates respectively.  You could write a code like this on the printed poster that you can download from our site that you put on a bulletin board at a community center or in the promotional post that you put on your social media pages or web site.

We will inform you of the good news each time we receive a registration form with the code that traces back to you.

Parlay Payday Partner

You’ll find that when people hear about Parlay Vacay, they want to talk about Parlay Vacay.  Enthusiastic, articulate presenters are trained by Parlay Vacay to act as our sales representatives and are paid commission. Sales venues can be telephone solicitations, in person meetings and presentations, or a combination as well as professional use of email for communication maintenance.  Sales experience is a plus but not required for the right individual. No foreign language skills are required unless needed to target a certain population of non-native English speakers such as in the case of finding clients for the Parlay Staycay program for ESL (English as a Second Language).

Must be a native English speaker fluent in target language and capable of teaching it the Parlay Way. Responsibilities include co-teaching the classroom portion of the course. No language classroom teaching experience specifically is necessary but experience in presenting new material to adults is helpful and experience tutoring adults, even in informal settings, is useful as is experience of any type in training adults. Compensation includes full accommodations for course vacation and a paid stipend per.

Must be native speaker of target language, speak and understand English well, enjoy listening patiently without interrupting, and have a friendly, outgoing personality but not dominate conversations or insist on being the center of attention all the time. No classroom or other formal teaching duties will be required. No teaching experience of any kind is necessary. Responsibilities will include eating leisurely meals with participants to allow them to practice their language conversation skills and helping them with their various language-related projects for a total of no more than eight scheduled hours per day. Compensation is fully covered accommodations for the vacation: This is an otherwise unpaid, volunteer experience.

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